About Me



I’m Susan Barnett. I grew up in the Catskills and Leatherstocking Region. There’s something very special about upstate New York. It’s a treat to see newcomers discover it, too.

Want to see what’s for sale in the western Catskills and beyond? Come visit my website at upstatecountryrealty.com. Sign up for our monthly newsletter and don’t miss a thing!

I’ve been a realtor in the Hudson Valley and Catskills for roughly a decade, and I’ve been writing about this area for the news and in fiction for much longer. I’m happy to answer any questions you may have.

I represent houses with character, houses with something special, no matter the price range. I’m enthusiastic about my properties and my clients.

I hope this blog gives you some information you can use. Hunting for a home, or selling the one you have, can be stressful and even a bit overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be. It should be about the excitement of discovering a new community, finding your place in it, and making a home.


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